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                                                        Port of Stockton Branch

 The SIR organization started  as a single luncheon club in San Mateo 1958.  Today there are thousands of members with branches in Central and Northern California ranging from Bakersfield to the Oregon border.  Because of the growth and size, a statewide format was required for the organization.  There is a State Board with seven officers, with district directors and area governors reporting  to the Board. In July of 1974, Lodi Branch 18 sponsored Stocktonís first SIR Branch, the Port of Stockton Branch 46.  Throughout the years the location of the meeting place  has changed, but the friendship among  the members  has never faltered. 

Today, Branch 46 continues to attract a diversified mix of retirees.   There are no fees, dues, or assessments, only a luncheon donation  to  cover administrative costs.  Additionally, the organization does not espouse any political or religious philosophy, and membership is open to all  retired men regardless of age, race,  or religion.  Luncheon meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month at the Elkhorn Country Club. Ladies are invited to the BBQ Picnic and the Christmas Party.   The Executive Committee meets the second  Monday of the month , and all members are invited.

Current branch officers and chairmen can be viewed by clicking on the Officers  link above, and for information on the upcoming luncheon, guest speaker, and menu, click on the Announcements link.

The branch currently has 100 members, most of who enjoy the many activities offered in addition to the camaraderie at the monthly luncheons.  Main activities are golf, bridge, and bowling.  For information on  these, click on the applicable link.    There are also links to current travel opportunities and  previous monthly  bulletins for 2012, 2013,  2014, 2015, 2016, and the latest for 2017.

                                      But there are some things that we don't do!

 We don't raise money. We don't have a political agenda. We don't have a religious orientation.  We don't sell light bulbs or anything else. We don't have a problem with organizations that do these things. Itís just that we don't.   You've paid your dues to the working world - it's time to enjoy life.